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Cyprus Snakes - Do You Which Ones Are Dangerous - And What To Do If You Meet One?
4 June, 2013
Posted in: Environment

We had the occasion to find a snake on a veranda just above my office. The house owner understood about snakes and was determine to catch it or kill it, if need be. See the pictures - I am the one behind the camera.

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Cyprus Blossoms - Beautiful Springtime.
26 February, 2011
Posted in: Environment Cyprus Home News and Information

One of the most beautiful times in Cyprus is when the spring time blossoms arrive and Cyprus goes green.

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Save a Tree (Forest) and Avoid Signing Documents at your Bank
17 February, 2010
Posted in: Environment

Save a tree...please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to! And..... avoid the banks.

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