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Never The Same Again - A Poem Of Grief and Loss

Posted on May 27, 2015

Never The Same Again

Grief is the result of love
Love given and love received
Grief is measured ‘when possible' by expectation,
Of age and circumstance of passing.

Granny passed, its OK
With too many years, she gave to all
My brother said farewell with a song
He should have played on so much longer
Hard to grasp the loss of Tim the boss.
Stefan left without a word
Just 24 short beautiful inspired funny years
And in 5 minutes he passed on
Sweet smiling face just the same
Leaving a life time of love and humour
From our magical son,
Brother and friend.

Heart stopping pain
Grief's 1,001 why's
Why him? Why us? Why now?
Why she stepped on the gas, not the brake?
We'll never know!
It's so unfair
Never again, Amen.
Tears keep falling
Images flashing, repeat mode set
Sleeps no friend as awakening reality strikes, again and again
Silent screaming with no end
Tsunami emotions without warning
Madness awaits, such joy
Your missing is killing us all
A life time of grief
Locked inside
Never the same again.

We're truly blessed
Thousand's of 'we love you' he was told
Hugs and kisses every day
We gave him our best
No regrets
Forever grateful
For your memories
Of such a precious son
Until we meet again.

- Andrew Sharpe 26/3/2015 -


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