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Stefanos P. Sharpe 12/6/2014 R.I.P. - Three Years and Still.......Grief Cuts Deep

Posted on May 08, 2017

Stefanos P. SharpeThree years - 14.6.2014 - since Stefanos P. Sharpe was taken from us in the blink of an eye. In 5 short minutes he passed on.

Our new found friends are all parents with similar grieving for their child taken oh too young. Strange how people you would never meet come into your life and it is very surprising how many grieving parents we now know. Grief unites but the bitterness generated by some parents grieving the loss of their child is stunning. Such pain, heart break, hate and anger I have not know before and it will, in most cases, never diminish or change no matter what happens in these grieving parents lives. But, of course, these parents have lost their children with heart breaking stories of suicide, cancer, murder, heart attacks, road accidents, accidents and never had one second to say good bye or, watched their child painfully die over a two year period with cancer or leukaemia. There are no "oh they had a good innings or they lived to a good age stories here." This is pain and suffering of unknown proportions and of course the classic word ever repeating from their breath... WHY?

Child loss grief is for life. I DO NOT THINK GRIEF CAN BE ANY MORE HEART BREAKING THAN CHILD LOSS GRIEF. I have lost both my parents, two brothers and a sister, a brother in law and many friends but nothing comes anywhere close to child loss grief.

An exclusive club, once you are in, there is no way out. Stefanos is 6 feet 5 inches tall a rugby player weighing 250 pounds - HOW CAN YOU NOT MISS HIM EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY.  

  • We lost Stefanos in a road accident and if you analyse it, the car which took his life travelled maybe 3 or 4 meters further than it should have.

  • Speed kills but so many people do not understand this and are UNABLE to understand velocity, speed and breaking time of their vehicle and the circumstance of road and driving conditions.

  • Please allow more time to break and leave more space between you and the car ahead.

  • Do not use your mobile whilst driving.

  • Be super courteous, kind and thoughtful when driving, it is not a war zone.

  • It just takes a spilt second to look away and the accident has already happened.

  • People die every day on the roads. Why?

  • What can YOU do to make the roads safer for every one? Including YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR FAMILY AND ALL WHO USE THE ROAD?

What we have learned in these three years about Child Loss Grief?

  1. Grief in singular to each person, no grief is the same for two people; my grief is different from my wives grief and different from my son's grief and different from our two daughter's grief. Each person must try to manage their own grief as it is unique to them.

  2. Grief is a lonely island with only you on the island. Grief is a journey; try to be in control of that journey and try to seek grief counselling as soon as possible. Or whatever works for you. Be open to ideas and suggestions.

  3. Grief is for life.

  4. The pain is devastating and the stress is immeasurable and so damaging to your health.

  5. Love your children every day unconditionally. So important.

  6. Tell your children you love them every day. So  important.

  7. Be the best parent you can be, with no regrets. So important.

Cars and vehicles can kill and cause serious injury. Do you know this information? Every time you turn your ignition key on, your car or vehicle has the potential to kill. Do you know this information?

46 people died as a result of a traffic accidents in 2016 in Southern Cyprus

57 traffic deaths in 2015 had followed 45 deaths in 2014 and 44 in 2013 in Southern Cyprus 


Stefanos P. Sharpe Stefanos P. Sharpe


Stefanos P. Sharpe Stefanos P. Sharpe Stefanos P. Sharpe

Stefanos P. Sharpe  Stefanos P. Sharpe

Stefanos P. Sharpe Stefanos P. Sharpe Stefanos P. Sharpe

Stefanos P. Sharpe Stefanos P. Sharpe



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