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Cyprus Corporate Services - Company Formation

Cyprus Company Formation and Sale of Shelf Cyprus Companies

A Cyprus company formation through our Cyprus corporate services may be undertaken within 7 working days or a Cyprus shelf company, going back until 2006, may be sold immediately.

Under Cyprus law, a private company is required to have at least, one shareholder, one director, one secretary and it's registered office situated in Cyprus.

Cyprus law follows the laws of the European Union passed thus far, amongst these, Directive 1005/60/EC, on the prevention of the use of financial systems for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Accordingly, before a Cyprus Company is formed a Company formation questionnaire and a Client acceptance and money laundering form must be duly completed and returned to us for each person specified so in these documents.

Upon been satisfied that the preliminary documents are complete, the proposed Cyprus Company name shall requested from the department of the registrar of companies and official receiver or a name shall be chosen from the list of available names.

In the meantime, a Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Cyprus Company will be drafted in Greek and if requested in English. Please note that Cyprus Companies may maintain bilingual records with the department of the registrar of companies and official received always subject to Greek documents being submitted. The relevant forms (H.E 1-3) are prepared and a declaration of compliance with the Cyprus Companies Law shall be sworn before the district court.

Upon the registrar of companies approving the proposed name of the Cyprus Company the memorandum and articles of association along with the relevant forms are submitted to the department of the registrar of companies and official receiver.

If the registrar of companies is satisfied that the memorandum and articles comply with the Cyprus Companies Law, a certificate of incorporation shall be issued and the Cyprus Company is incorporated. At this stage the Cyprus Company may start to carry on it's business and activities.

Unless instructed otherwise, upon receiving the documents from the registrar of companies we shall forward to the contact person, specified in the Cyprus Company formation questionnaire, the following documents:


1. Certificates issued by the department of the registrar of companies and official receiver:


a. Apostilled certificate of Incorporation in the English language;

b. Apostilled certificate of Registered Office in the English language;

c. Apostilled certificate of Shareholder in the English language;

d. Apostilled certificate of Directors and Secretary in the English Language.


2. Certified true copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association in the English language.


3. Certified true copy of the corporate registrar.


4. Undated, but duly signed, instrument of transfer transferring the entire issued share capital held on trust from the nominee shareholder to the beneficial owner.


If a nominee shareholder is not appointed, in addition to the documents above, minus point 4, we shall provide the following documents:


5. Share certificate evidencing the number of shares to be issued in the Cyprus Company, as further specified in the Cyprus Company formation questionnaire.


If a Cyprus bank account is required for the Cyprus Company we shall additionally provide the following documents and items:


6. Digipass Code;

7. Bank account details;

8. Visa Card;

9. Check Book;


If you require that the Cyprus Company is registered with the local tax authority and that the Cyprus Company is receives a Cyprus Company's Tax Identification Code we shall provide the Tax Identification Code to you.

If you require that the Cyprus Company is registered with the local V.A.T authorities, and subject to the Cyprus Company's business and activities qualifying for registration with the V.A.T authorities, we shall provide a certificate evidencing the same.

The minutes of the first board meeting shall be prepared and executed for the company's files. The adoption of the Company's official seal and the appointment of the Company's auditors shall be approved and sanctioned thereat. For further information abount Cyprus corporate services pleaae contact us at:

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