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Government Schools Limassol Paphos Larnaca Nicosia

Attending Cyprus Government Schools

If you are considering moving to Cyprus and you have children, their education will be of paramount importance. Many opt to place their children in private education and some look to the Cyprus government schools where lessons are taught in only the Greek language. The problem is the initial learning of the Greek language which to say the very least, is very difficult. Young children cope better but it does mean for the first year in a Cyprus government school the children learn only Greek and no other subject. This can lend to boredom for the child and you may need to give your child 'some' other studies to take with them to school to kept them mentally and emotionally active. The plus point in this process, other than learning Greek is this; your child will make friends in your new community and be able to speak Greek with their newfound friends. Plus you will soon have a Greek speaker in your home that is a great value to you and your family. After the first year your child will be placed in a class of their Greek speaking/writing ability and will have all the lessons of that class.

We strongly recommend sending your children to the FREE of cost government schools in Cyprus. There are schools for all grades with specially trained teachers to respond to your child's needs.



Age range: 3 years to 5 years and eight months.


Age range: 5 years and 8 months to 11 years and 8 months.

Lower Secondary

Age range:  11 years and 8 months to 15 years of age.

Upper Secondary

Age range: 15 years to 18 years

Contact details of Government Schools in Cyprus, please call and they will assist you greatly. It is important to know where you will be living in Cyprus to locate your child. If you are coming to Cyprus then they will answer any questions and offer your child a place once an address in Cyprus is know, this is the law as no child must be without an education.

  • Larnaca Tel: 00357 24821366

  • Pafos Tel:  00357 26932174

  • Limassol Tel: 00357 25870350/351

  • Ministry of Education Cyprus Tel:  ++357 22 800 600. They have a web site but it is only in the Greek language.

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