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Cyprus Private Health Care - Medical Insurance

  Health Care Medical Insurance When Living in Cyprus

Even if you are entitled to Government health care in Cyprus, you should and need to look closely at taking out your own Cyprus private health care insurance.  This may assist you in obtaining medical care much more speedily than through the government system but the real issues are:

  • Cyprus private health care insurance in Cyprus will provide you with higher quality treatment and a better service than the government services when treatment is required in Cyprus.

  • Medical bills, as we all know, can be dramatic and the only way to cover ourselves is through an insurance policy.

  • In some medical circumstances; you may need to leave Cyprus for specialist treatment overseas, this can only be covered with private medical health care insurance.

Which Medical Insurance Company?

The Cyprus private medical health care insurance market is very competitive and you will need to research your options to find the best policy for you and your circumstances. You may have medical insurance from your home country, check to see if it can also cover Cyprus.

Try to make sure your insurance company pays the bills direct and you do not have to pay from your pocket first and then reclaim the money.

Several Medical Insurance Company's in Cyprus

Atlantic Private Health Care Insurance Cyprus

Gan Direct Private Medical Insurance Cyprus

Laiki Cypria Private Medical Health Care Cyprus

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