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Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Ministry Cyprus

Portal of the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs with on line information in the following areas.


 The Cyprus Question

         Historical Review

         Latest Developments

         Missing Persons

         Enclaved Persons

         Greek Cypriot Properties

         Closed Ports and Airports

         Turkish Measures Against Cyprus' Shipping

         Illegal Demographic Changes

         Destruction of Cultural Heritage

         Political Situation in the Occupied Areas

         Policy Towards the Turkish Cypriots


         The UN and the Cyprus Question


         International Organisations and the Cyprus Question



 Foreign Policy


         International Organisations

         Bilateral Relations


         Human Rights

         Fighting International Crime

 Protocol Information

         Presentation of Credentials

         State Protocol

         Order of Precedence



         Permanent Secretary

         The Ministry


         Student Internship

         The Citizen's Charter



 European Union

         Historical Overview

         Policy Issues




       Treaty of Lisbon

       Common Foreign and Security Policy / European
          Security and Defence Policy (CFSP / ESDP)


         Useful Information


 Overseas Cypriots

         Service for Overseas Cypriots

         Magazine H KYPROS MAS


         Educational Institutions

         Learning Modern Greek

         Information for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots

         Communities Overseas

         Repatriated Cypriots



         Lates News

         Speeches / Interviews

         Mass Media


 Documents and Publications

         The Cyprus Question

         Cyprus and the EU

         Foreign Policy


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